‘Quiltwalk’ for Comfort International

by Halcyon Martin

Patricia creates a beautiful quilt to raise much needed funds.

The weekend of the11th-13th of September saw the 4th Virtual Kiltwalk of 2020. The Kiltwalk organisers had expanded the options for participation to encompass almost anything, creative or sporty, to encourage fundraising for charities all across Scotland.

Comfort International had one participant, Patricia Macindoe, who had come up with the very creative idea of making quilt in 26 hours – a Quiltwalk Marathon.

Patricia, a talented textile crafter, spent two full 13 hour days aligning, stitching and ironing to create a stunning work of art. This a beautiful 58” x 58” quilt once finished was then to be given to one of her sponsors, randomly chosen at the end.

Thanks to her generous sponsors Patricia raised nearly £1200! a fantastic achievement. On top of this the Hunter Foundation will be adding a further 50%.*

We want to say thank you to Patricia for her Kiltwalk ‘Quiltwalk’ Marathon, to the Kiltwalk for organising the event and to the Hunter Foundation for their generosity to charities all over Scotland.

If you have a creative or sporty idea and would like to get take part in future fundraising events please get in touch with us.

* Good news. We have just found out that The Hunter Foundation will be adding 100%!! 

a little can change a life

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