Mubuga Memorial Inauguration Ceremony

After 27 years of waiting and grieving the people of Mubuga can finally bury their loved ones who were taken from them during the genocide of 1994.

It is nearly twenty seven years since the end of the Genocide against the Tutsi in Rwanda. A long time of waiting for the people of Mubuga who have not been able to lay to rest their relatives, friends and loved ones in a special place of remembrance. Earlier this month the Memorial Site at Mubuga was completed and a ceremony of remembrance and honour was held for those who had lost their lives. This final resting place is a place that the people of Mubuga have longed for. 

Ben Kayumba of Good News International (GNI) represented Comfort International and Good News international at this historic commemorative event. He says,

“I represented Comfort International and Good News International. Everyone who spoke thanked you so much for your contribution to honour all who were killed in the Catholic Church and its compound (during the genocide), those people who had not been properly buried. 

“The Minister of Justice and CNLG Secretary Governor and many other officials were there. Sadly many survivors were not permitted to attend due to Covid-19 restrictions.

“It was a day of mixed emotions, with joy and thanks that our people are now at rest in the best memorial site, which was so well constructed.

“On behalf of the people of Good News International I send our gratitude and thanks – you are not only friends, but brothers and sisters in Christ who act. Blessings, Ben.“