Christine's cakes and crafts.

Christine’s Cakes and Crafts – Raising funds for the Central Hospital Rusayu

Improving lives in D.R.Congo and Rwanda.

Christine’s Story

Christine Robertson, one of our dedicated supporters, is raising funds for Comfort International by making and selling cakes and crafts. She has also initiated a small donation scheme to provide access to primary education and health insurance.

Here is her story:

I got involved with Comfort international after Callum, Comfort International’s Director, came to speak at our church – Rock Community Church, Dumbarton. I immediately felt a love for the Rwandans and was eager to go out and see for myself. 

A few years before God had spoken to us as a church and said that He wanted us to work with the widows and orphans. I felt at the time it was a bit strange for our local area. Little did I realise He meant in Rwanda and D.R.Congo.

I went out to Rwanda with others from the Rock Church, including my brother Billy and his wife Fiona, in 2008; they are now a big part of Comfort International. I fell in love with the people, especially Dickson and Hamad who became my adopted sons. They were aged 8 at the time. Dickson will be graduating from university in December. We, my husband David and I are so proud of him. Hamad is a happy soul who loves Toblerone! It’s an honour to be their parents.

We now also support a young doctor, Jean Bosco, from the Central Hospital Rusayo, a Comfort International supported hospital in D.R.Congo. I had the privilege of meeting him three years ago when I went to visit with a Comfort International team. The situation was very difficult and I felt such emotion when Jean Bosco introduced us to a young man lying on a hospital bed with a shot wound. 

Later that year the team from Bishopbriggs Community Church invited us to their church as they were having a service dedicated to our recent trip. My husband David felt such emotion when Halcyon spoke about the hospital and when we prayed about the situation with her son.  He decided then that we would try and sponsor Jean Bosco as much as possible. 

As we were already sponsoring the children I decided to try and make and sell to bring more money in. I started off with baking and then continued with crafts and event! All profits of Christine’s Cakes and Crafts go towards Jean’s salary. 

I am honoured to be a part of Comfort International charity.


Christines Cakes and Crafts 2

Christine can be contacted though ‘Christine’s Cakes and Crafts’ Facebook page

Example products/prices:


Personalised school hangers – £4.50 

Step by Step (Christine’s book)  – £6 

Various Mrs Hinch bottles – prices vary

Personalised school work/letters wallets. Set of 2 – £5 

Personalised baby blankets – £6.50 

Personalised toothbrush holders – £5


Cup cakes – £1.50 /£2 each 

Large cakes – prices vary 

e.g. Lemon meringue pie, carrot cake, coffee and walnut cake, almond tart, strawberry tarts, celebration cakes. 

Christine can personalise almost anything!

Many of the crafts can be posted, cakes are for local delivery/pickup only.

Small donation Health Insurance or Education support

Christine has also created the opportunity for individuals to make a small yearly donation to enable a child in Central Africa to have health insurance (£5 a year) or to attend primary school (£15 a year). Donations can be made HERE, they will make a huge difference to a child.

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