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The Joy Centre

Good News International – raising up a generation of Rwandan youth

Good News International

Good News International are one of our key partners in Rwanda and we love the heart and ethos of their work. It is founded on compassion for the genocide survivors but looks ahead to the next generation of Rwandans. The vision of Good News International is to help raise up a generation of Rwandan youth who have a hope and a future and a heart to build a country of peace and opportunity.

The Joy Centre

Several years ago, with help from South Korea, Good News opened the Joy Centre which gathers children and youth to play, learn and fellowship together, building unity and providing opportunities. The next step in this vision is to develop vocational training. We have seen how the Ihumure Technical and Vocational Education and Training School in partnership with The Living Church has given hundreds of young people training for skills which helps them to build a future for themselves and their country. We would love to see this vision of Good News also come to fruition and help them to provide those skills to the many young people searching for an avenue of hope in this way. To this end we are intending to extend our sponsorship of vocational training to include Good News’s Joy Centre and begin with welding and sewing, with the latter being bolstered by Rwanda’s ‘Made in Rwanda’ focus. 

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The Challenge

However, this is a big challenge for us as we still need sponsors in many other projects. We would love to invite you to spread the news about sponsorship as wide as possible among your friends, family and contacts. The sponsorship projects are really showing their value as a number of the projects are now seeing significant numbers of people graduate from the projects into independent living – 28 Children of Liberty are due to graduate in two months time. We have 26 children in South Sudan on the waiting list for sponsorship, 49 Congo teachers needing support, 16 CHR hospital staff requiring sponsorship and several other projects with gaps in sponsorship as well. This new initiative will stretch us, but God has helped us to grow the support for the projects and even where we have been short on sponsors we have been able to support unsponsored people from Foundation Makers and general donations. In total we will initially be looking for ten sponsors for the new Joy Centre project. 

If you are interested in changing someone’s life in this way please contact the Comfort International Office or click sponsor now at the top of the page.