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Rwanda hit again by Covid-19 following the volcanic eruption near Goma

Lockdown and food shortages return.

Eruption of Nyiragongo

Over the last few months the situation with regards to Covid-19 in Rwanda had been improving with people returning to their daily routines. But this situation changed suddenly at the beginning of June. The eruption of the Nyiragongo Volcano near Goma at the end of May saw many people flee to Rwanda for safety. As this was a time of crisis for those near Goma, Rwanda opened its borders to allow free passage, and Covid restrictions were put aside. This influx of people from D.R.Congo has seemingly led to an increase in Covid cases in Rwanda, starting in the northwest of the country. 

Return to Lockdown

In the following weeks the situation also deteriorated in other parts of the country too, especially in Kigali city. The whole of Kigali is now in lockdown, as are many other sectors in different districts. At least 4 variants of the virus are known to be present. Although the vaccination programme is ongoing in Rwanda it is still on a very small scale compared to the number of people who need to be vaccinated. As a result of the increase in cases the government has taken more serious measures again and for those who are not in lockdown there are serious travel restrictions. 

Effects of lockdown

Lockdown is the most dangerous time for the poor families because they don’t have any food stored at all. These people would normally feed their families from their daily income. If they are forced to stop working this is a big problem which leads to hunger ormaybe worse. 

Ben Writes:

“Within the Good News International communities, we have many people like these. For example, all our communities in Kamonyi district (Rugalika community which has 5 sub-communities, Ruyumba community which has 3 sub-communities) are facing the big problem of lack of food because the whole district is in lockdown. Not only them, but also many other communities that we support have the same problem. We also have other cases of our beneficiaries who have tested positive from Covid-19, and they are requested to stay home at least for two or three weeks. As they stay home and don’t work, they have nothing to eat with their families.”


Last year during the first lockdown, Good News International were able to support many people who were suffering because of Comfort International’s generosity and they thank everyone who contributed. 

Ben writes: 

“This time we would like to do the same thing by providing food to the most vulnerable families who are in danger during this time within our communities. For that reason, we would like to ask you for any support that can be made available for this action again, to save the lives of many. We are planning to give them rice, beans and maize flour as we did last time. We thank you for the good heart and compassion that you always support us with. God bless you and keep you and your family safe.” 

Comfort International will be responding to this request, we are grateful to be able to support Good News International and the communities at this very difficult time.