Safari Tales by Mary Weeks Millard

by Comfort International

Book tour with puppet story telling in Scotland

Safari Tales

Safari Tales is a newly published story book for primary children. Inspired by a real-life toy monkey, this book of short stories takes you on wild adventures where you will meet hungry crocodiles, grumpy cows, and lots and lots of monkeys! With a short reflection at the end of each chapter, this is perfect for getting to children to reflect on issues that they will have to face as they grow up. 

A long time ago Mary Weeks Millard adopted an abandoned monkey puppet from a box of odds and ends that had been put up for sale in the hospital where she worked. She named it Safari and took it with her when she travelled as a missionary to Africa, using the puppet as a way of teaching the children there about Jesus and how much He loves them. This is what inspired this book of heart-warming, and edifying, tales following Safari around the forest he calls home. Excellent writing paints a vivid picture of so many interesting characters, each with their own story to tell, and lessons to teach.

The book is not meant just as a story book to illustrate gospel truths, but is useful as a resource for children’s talks, clubs, assemblies and holiday clubs and Sunday School prizes.

 Book Tour

Mary will be in Scotland to launch Safari Tales at the end of August and beginning of September where she will be signing her books and using the puppet to tell a story. You are welcome to go along.

Dates and venues:

Glo Bookshop in Motherwell – Saturday 28th August at10.30am

Ritchie Bookshop in Kilmarnock – Saturday 28th August at 2.00pm.

Equip Aberdeen Resource Centre, Bridge of Don, AB23 8BL – Saturday 4th September at 11.30pm.

To order Safari Tales by Mary Weeks Millard visit John Ritchie Publishing of Kilmarnock at

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