A Miracle for Moise

by Halcyon Martin

Abandoned at birth – rescued through Comfort Babies.

Baby Moise arrives in hospital

In December 2018 baby Moise was brought into a hospital in Rwanda by the paramedics. He had been rescued from a long-drop toilet and his life was hanging by a thread. Despite their best efforts his mother could not be traced so Moise had to spend the first days of his life on his own in the hospital, with the staff working hard to restore his health and give him a chance at life.

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Baby Moise


Janviere, one of the dedicated hospital staff who treated baby Moise to good health, was very moved by Moise’s situation and contacted Esperance from Comfort Rwanda to see if there was anything that could be done for him. Comfort Rwanda is well known to the maternity department of the local hospital. Esperance told Janviere that there was help for baby Moise through the Comfort Babies Project – but he had no mother to care for him. Janviere then made the courageous decision to become his mother figure for the project and fostered him, she received support for his needs through the Comfort Babies Project.

A sponsor is found

Relationship is key to the Comfort Babies project – in particular the relationships between the mums (and babies) on the project for mutual support and the relationship between a mum & baby and their sponsor. 

This relationship with the sponsor shows these amazing mums that they are valued and not forgotten and the monthly donation gives them financial security until they are able to support themselves.

For Janvier and Moise a sponsor was soon found and the support that the sponsor has given has been vital to the future of Moise who has “grown into a handsome, clever boy who knows how to walk and smile”. More recently Janvier took the decision to legally adopt Moise, a process which is not common in Rwanda, and is now delighted to have him as her own son. 

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Moving on from sponsorship

Janvier and Moise have since moved to another part of Rwanda where she has a new job in a hospital. She can now afford to support Moise on her own and so they have graduated from the project. 

Janviere writes to their sponsor:

“I can’t thank you enough for everything you have done to support Moise’s growth and wellbeing. I am so lucky to have the chance of seeing him grow near me, and my family did their best to keep him happy and healthy in collaboration with Esperance from Comfort Babies and the rest of the team.

“I am really a witness of God’s grace upon this boy and thankful to God for the fact that he has been healthy and free from sickness…I wish to see him grow up  knowing that I am his godly mother who loves him so much.”