Bible Training bears much fruit among Ugandan Pastors

Phil Arbon, who oversees CIMS (Comfort International Ministry School) for Comfort International, carried out a teaching trip to Uganda in January of this year. CIMS is dedicated to providing theologically sound, spiritually alive, life-changing training to pastors in our partner countries throughout Africa. Phil writes of his most recent trip in the blog below. 

My trip to Uganda (Jan 6th to Jan 17th) was very fruitful. It was great to once again be with the students in person rather than zoom. It also gave opportunity to strengthen the unity among them as they are from several different churches in the Busia area.

I spent three days with the CIMS Certificate Class teaching a module on forgiveness and conflict resolution. This is where a few amazing stories from Rwanda spoke powerfully to Ugandan students. Some told me afterwards that the Church in Uganda really needs to hear this teaching. A couple of the more senior students said they were going to seek opportunities to share the teaching with other pastors. There were between 30 and 40 students at this level. 

I also spent 3 days teaching the Foundation level (class shown left) and we did the Old Testament Survey including the exercise of putting the different books on the OT timeline. The students always enjoy this module. We had 70-80 students at this level. 

Prayer requests:
  • LEMA/ CIMS now has an office (sign shown on right). A Book Charity has sent several boxes of books so there will be a much needed Christian book resource held at the office. Our main contact, Fred Wejuli, is praying for a vehicle to help with the work going on in LEMA.
  • Some of the Certificate level students struggle to write essays and their results are not very good. 
  • Pray also about other influences on the students. Their Christian TV channels seem to have a prosperity emphasis which is really not helpful. We try to achieve a more balanced perspective in the classes.
  • There are also some “missionaries” in town who teach strongly against women in leadership and the use of the gifts of the Holy Spirit. Again, this is contrary to CIMS values and many of our students so happen to be female Pentecostal pastors who have deeply appreciated our affirmation of their calling in God. 

We received this wonderful testimonial from our main partner in Uganda, Fred Wejuli. He writes, “I salute you all in Jesus’ mighty name. I would like to appreciate you all for sticking to the rightful doctrine. Pastor Philip did a recommendable job. He taught all levels of classes very well without deviating from a right doctrine of scriptures. Most pastors in Uganda ask for envelopes before giving a service to the people in church. Pastor Philip was very open on this challenging students that prayers and preaching is for free. No payment is supposed to be demanded from church members. On 15th, he moved on to Namusindwa District in Mbale Region where land slides claimed people’s lives. There we had a vision casting meeting with church overseers across several denominations. The meeting ended successfully with pastors praising God for the opportunity for them to be equipped with God’s word. None the church overseers in that meeting had received the training but they are leading churches manually. We had 10 church overseers and pastor Philip funded their meals. In the late evening, Pastor Philip moved on to tour Mbale City and traveled back to Busia. 

On 16th, from 10AM to 1PM pastor Philip prayed and encouraged CIMS female students who are widows and some abandoned by their husbands leaving them with many children to take care of. This was done in LEMA Offices. They were encouraged to study God’s word and be strong in the faith. 

I end by saying, thank you so much for loving Africa. Pastor Fred, Uganda. “

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