Comfort Babies Congo Update

In 2018, Comfort Congo, along with Comfort International, set up a Comfort Babies project in Goma, D. R. Congo, in response to the many vulnerable mums and babies that are living in extremely difficult circumstances. Many young women and girls in this area become pregnant as a result of sexual violence or prostitution due to intense poverty. These young women and their babies live in unstable and unsafe situations, and Comfort Babies Congo was set up to support these families, to protect them and to bring them to a place of safety, hope and joy. We recently received some reports from the women on these projects and it is our pleasure to share these with you. 

Miriam* and her 6 year old son, Anthony*, are on the Comfort Babies Congo project. Here was her report:

How has the baby’s health and weight developed over the last few months? “My son is doing well and he is in good health and his weight developed well. Thanks to the financial help that we receive from Comfort International, I am able to feed him well.”

What has the baby done that made you laugh?  “Lately he imitated a song of a local singer from Goma from the radio but my child sang this song very badly and he sang in high voice then I exploded with laughter.”

What have your happiest moments been in the last few months with your baby? “I love my son because he is the most precious thing I have in this world and every time we go for a walk he likes to tell me: mum, when I grow up and finish my studies I will buy you a beautiful house where you will  live and be happy.”

Dorothy* and her 3 year old daughter Joanna* are also on the project. She writes to her sponsor, “Since you became our sponsor our life changed positively because in the past it was very difficult to find dresses or something to eat and sometimes I was thinking that my child would die because of hunger when we could not find anyone to coming to help us. I despaired of life and sometimes I thought about committing suicide but I didn’t because of my child, but in all that we met you and you changed our life.  Money you send to us helps us in the purchase of food, clothing and sometimes medical care when there is an emergency. Today we are happy in spite of some difficulties of life and the rise of food commodity prices at the market. Now, we go to church while being clean and people don’t mock us any more and all of this is because of your support.”

We also heard from Jeanette* and 3 year old daughter Josephine*: 

What exciting things has the baby learned in the last 6 months? “I saw lately that she likes drawing every time on a paper or a notebook and I feel good good to see my child is interested in something.”

What has the baby done that made you laugh? “The thing that made me laugh was when she took footwear as a telephone and began to phone her friends.”

What have your happiest moments been in the last few months with your baby? “The happiest moments that I have passed with my child are numerous because to see how she grows and she laughs is something that gives me strength, joy and peace in my heart.”

How wonderful it is to hear of mothers who can find joy in their children’s playfulness, hope in their intelligence and interests and a new community to be part of. These are the things mothers should have, and not be worried about whether they can send their child to school, or where their next meal will come from. We have been so encouraged by the reports from this project. Thank you for standing with us prayerfully and financially as we continue to aim to protect and support the poorest and most vulnerable in society. 

a little can change a life

* names changed to protect identity