Comfort International has a new online shop!

Welcome to our new online shop! 

New for 2022 is our wonderful online shop where you can find everything you need for your nearest and dearest this Christmas! You will be able to browse our beautiful and unique handmade Rwandan and Congolese crafts, Comfort Gifts, Christmas cards and more! Keep reading to see all that is on offer from our new shop … 

Crafts, wonderful crafts! 

Our Rwandan crafts are made by a co-operative of 12 survivors of the Rwandan genocide who have been making crafts for Comfort International for nearly twenty years. Find anything from jewellery to stuffed giraffes, aprons to ornaments, and kitchen items to keyrings!

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Comfort Gifts 

What do you give someone who has everything? Or maybe someone who doesn’t want any more “stuff”? This Christmas give a gift that really means something and purchase a Comfort Gift, giving education, health, food, and more, to someone in Africa who really needs it. Your loved one will receive a specially designed greeting card with a note of what their gift has purchased.

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Christmas cards? Sorted!  

We have a gorgeous range of handmade, beautifully detailed Christmas cards, made from dried banana leaves and cassava glue by our crafts co-operative in Rwanda which are £6.85 for a pack of 5 cards. Alternatively, you can choose a pack of 6 Comfort Gifts printed cards for only £5! Tick one more job off your list and head to our website to get your stock of unique Christmas cards for this festive season! 

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Organise a craft stall for your church or event! 

If you love our gorgeous crafts as much as we do and want to support Comfort International by selling some at your church or event then get in touch to arrange a craft stall! We will provide everything you need, and you can manage the stall yourself or request a Comfort International representative to do it for you! Get in touch at or call 01236 598274 to arrange a craft stall or request more information. 

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