Comfort Rwanda Director David Gasana to visit Scotland

We are delighted to be welcoming David Gasana, our partner from Comfort Rwanda, to Scotland for the very first time, from 21st April to 9th May this year. Many of you who have been to Rwanda or are involved with Comfort International will know David’s friendly face well. David has been a part of Comfort’s story for a very long time. 

David first arrived onto the Street Kids Rescue Project in Gatenga, with a difficult family situation, and a history of getting into trouble on the streets. He will tell you himself that he only came onto the project initially to make trouble, but soon found himself touched by the love and care of those around him and the love of Father God. Over years he found himself teaching the others gymnastics and traditional dancing, English and music, and eventually came to lead the Street Kids Rescue Project. Now the Director of Comfort Rwanda, we work closely with David who oversees the work of Comfort Rwanda, including the Street Kids Rescue Projects, Comfort Babies and School Leavers Development Program, as well as projects in South Sudan and Burundi. 

David is married to wife Agnes and they have a beautiful daughter Gwyneth. David’s moving story, his infectious love for life and compassion for those around him has inspired many who have been to visit Rwanda. We look forward to welcoming him to Scotland and returning some of the wonderful hospitality we have experienced over the years in Rwanda. 

There will be a number of opportunities to meet David and hear his story and of the work in Rwanda. Comfort International are holding 2 brunch events with David to catch up and get to know him better if you don’t already. These will take place on the 27th of April and the 4th of May. David will also be speaking at many schools, churches and events over the course of his visit here. If you would like more information or to book a spot at one of these events, then please get in touch at