Covid Relief Support for Elderly Beneficiaries in Rukumberi and Rusatira

More than 75 elderly genocide survivor and genocide-orphan headed households have received food relief thanks to a partnership with Ebenezer Church. Our partners, Solace Ministries, support these genocide survivors within the Rukumberi (Eastern province) and Rusatira (Southern province) communities.

This support was given to the people who are in most need in each community; especially the weak and elderly or the sick who are unable to work for a living. 

Each household was given 12.5 kg of rice, 10kg of maize flour, 5kg of sugar, 5kg of beans and 3 bars of soap.

Theogene from Rukumberi community is 72 years old.

Theogene lives with his only son who is mentally ill. He lost his wife and children in the genocide. He remarried but his second wife recently died of diabetes. He cannot cultivate his land because he is weak but he gives other people the right to use his land. When the harvest is due, they give him food from their harvest. He is very thankful for the support of food and he thinks that it will last for many months.


The members of the Rusatira Community were also very grateful for the support.

Maria from Rusatira

Maria is 65 years; she lives in Rusatira with her son and 2 grandchildren. She is HIV positive as a result of rape during the genocide and she has also developed cancer in the past 3 years for which she has been treated. She is better now and thanks God for the support of this food and she says that it will last for over 2 months. She was smiling over and over saying that this is a big gift.


Solace Ministries says, “We appreciate the partnership of Ebenezer Church and for this support as it is very helpful for these communities. Most of these beneficiaries are elderly and the others are poor and weak. We are so thankful for the continued support; it helps us reach out to the widows and orphans with Godly love within our communities.”

a little can change a life