Faraja in Action Pharmacy

For a number of years, Central Hospital Rusayu has provided lifesaving emergency medical, surgical and maternity care, often without charge, to the community at Rusayu, North Kivu, DRC. The cost of purchasing and providing even basic medication to patients has been an ongoing issue for the hospital staff and Comfort Congo team, often leaving the pharmacy at the hospital unable to administer medication to patients. The opening of the Faraja In Action Pharmacy will help to solve this issue. (Faraja means Comfort in Swahili; “Comfort in Action”.)

Thanks to the fundraising efforts or our supporters, in particular Emma, Katherine, Linda and Abi and the hard work of the Comfort Congo team the Faraja in Action Pharmacy has recently opened its doors. The pharmacy is based in the nearby city of Goma and functions as a commercial dispensing pharmacy. The profits made by the pharmacy are invested into acquiring medication for CHR patients, at wholesale price, allowing the small pharmacy at the hospital to be stocked and ready for patients.

Thank you to everyone who contributed to make the pharmacy a reality. It will be transformational for the hospital staff, who will have the confidence of a stocked pharmacy; for the hospital patients who will be able to receive potentially lifesaving medication; and for those in Goma who will benefit from a local pharmacy for purchasing medicine.