Land Purchase Opportunity – Children of Liberty

We have the opportunity to expand the Children of Liberty Village of Hope by buying a piece of land which has recently come up for sale.

We are praying and trusting for this possible expansion to the Village of Hope which has recently arisen. The two areas where Comfort Congo already have facilities for the Children of Liberty (including the Pam Jackson House and the Comfort Congo House) are separated by this area of land which has four houses on it. Purchasing this land would allow us to join the two areas together, provide much needed accommodation and open up further opportunities for the young people.

With the sad continuation of children being kidnapped or otherwise recruited into army groups there are many more traumatised and broken children needing help. In recent months this has been particularly true for girls and we have a number of girls needing accommodation. Buying the land and houses would allow us to expand provision of accommodation for the girls and give Comfort Congo the capacity to take in more young people who so desperately need their help. It would give space for homes for the young people and offer an opportunity to create vocational training workshops for them.

A recent assessment of the Children of Liberty project has given more evidence that God is using the project and the wonderful workers of Comfort Congo to bring healing, sustainability and faith to those young people. Many child soldiers finish up as street children or return to the army groups where they are used, abused and coerced into traumatic and destructive activities, so the Children of Liberty project is a real light in the darkness. We hope to make a decision about the purchase of the land by the end of this year as it is now on the market and will be sold soon.

Pray with us for this please!

“Life in the bush was difficult and sometimes I thought of shooting myself in the head. To be among the Children of Liberty programme has helped me a lot to find confidence in myself and today my life has a purpose thanks to the support of Comfort Congo.

I am convinced that God exists by looking at what God has done for me, when He sent people to help me while I was left for dead in the bush and He gave me a new life filled with love. I owe my total obedience to Him because He is God who loves everyone in this world.”

HAKIZIMANA, Children of Liberty

a little can change a life