Lives Totally Changed – More Stories from the Children of Liberty

Last month we shared stories from some of our Children of Liberty who are moving on from sponsorship to independent living. The stories are so inspiring and reflect the goodness and kindness of God as well as the dedication and love of the Comfort Congo team who run the project.

A recurring theme is one of being accepted and loved at a time when they felt they were unacceptable and unlovable. Another is the restoration of hope, peace, joy and purpose.

Our partners, Comfort Congo,  asked the recent graduates these three questions. 

1. How do you feel now compared with the day when you entered the project (referring to emotional recovery from the trauma)?

2. How have your activities changed and what is their impact in your present life?

3. What is the impact of God in your life?


I have become a new person since I was welcomed at Hope Village and into the COL programme. I’m feeling well and I have joy. We have been treated well within Comfort Congo and this allows me to know how to live with other people in the society. My dream has been achieved, thanks to Comfort Congo support – today I am a general practitioner in general medicine. I have opened a small pharmacy and this allows me to provide for my crucial needs while waiting to find a job in a hospital. Glory be to God, He allowed me to be a model citizen within society and be in peace with everybody.


Being a child soldier is not easy, especially when we are hated by the majority of people. Hope Village was my personal place of reconstruction because there I was similar to the other boys that I lived with. The COL programme helped a lot and comforted me. Today I am a new person of good manners. With the money that I received from Comfort Congo, I returned to my village and there I opened a beauty shop. I also charge phones for the people of my district and in return they pay me 150FC per phone. These activities allow me to take care of my life and I have become a respectable person in my village. It’s impossible for me to forget all the kindness that God showed in my life. I am thankful towards him for his love and because of everything that he continues to do in my life.


The way that Comfort Congo has treated all of us has healed us of our previous life of injuries. Within Hope Village I found a family with whom I shared my difficulties and my thoughts. This taught me to not be an outcast and today I have purpose in my life. With the money that I got from Comfort Congo, I started selling clothes and various articles. This had not had the best results here in Goma so I left to go to another city where my business is going well. Here I work in association with other youngsters of North Kivu and today our business is growing. We sell salted fish and secondhand clothes. My life has purpose now because my aim is to buy land here as things are going well here. Glory be to God, all the young people with whom I work love God and this gives me joy. God always continues to protect me against the attacks of the devil, God is marvellous and I have confidence in him.


The COL program helped me a lot in my life. I don’t have words to express what I feel because being a member of the Children of Liberty for me was a resurrection. Today I am in peace and in joy thanks to the support that I received on behalf of Comfort Congo. Concerning the progress of my income generation activity, I am selling shoes and this was possible thanks to Comfort International financing me. Today this activity allows me to provide for my needs. God has helped me to have light in the dark days of my life and he revived hope in me.


There have been a lot of positive changes in my life since I became a beneficiary of the COL programme. Today I live without being afraid of being killed nor mistreated. In short I have total tranquility in my heart. When I had received money from Comfort Congo from the end of my programme in the COL, I bought a secondhand motorcycle which helped me to work near Sake-Minova. Four months ago, I bought a new motorcycle thanks to the profits that I accumulated. At the beginning of the month of October 2021 I got a small job teaching in a complex school thanks to my diploma in general pedagogy. God has shown his love towards me. Today I have become responsible for my life and with this job; I want to teach children how to obey God if they want to be loved by him.


There is a new intake of 27 young, ex-child soldiers onto the project. If you would like to become a sponsor please contact the Comfort International office or sign up on line here

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