New Nutrition Programme in D.R.Congo

Nutrition programme for street children and orphans at Rusayu, DR.Congo

Following the eruption of the Nyiragongo volcano earlier this year a large number of people were made homeless, many people also lost use of their land when it was covered with lava. This has led to an increasing number of children having to live on the street as they have no home and no food. In addition to the direct effect of the eruption many people became ill and died from cholera and malaria leading to a lot of children becoming orphans. 

Comfort Congo have mobilised people in Goma to provide maize and sorghum porridge and other foods for these children and have begun a Street Kids and Orphans Nutrition Programme. Moise Mulimbo, the nutritionist at the Central Hospital of Rusayu, (he is the one who had the very bad accident last year but has now recovered well) runs this programme.  

This is in addition to the ongoing nutrition work at the hospital which was supported through the building of a nutrition centre via a grant from Cornerstone Trust in USA.

This nutrition programme is saving the lives of this young generation.

a little can change a life