Return to Goma after the Nyiragongo Eruption

from Reports by Comfort Congo

Damage repaired and lost Items restored

As you will be aware by now towards the end of May Mount Nyiragongo, which is situated to the north of Goma in North Kivu, D.R.Congo erupted. This volcanic eruption and associated earth tremors affected Goma and the surrounding area and led to the evacuation of hundreds of thousand of people. Comfort Congo, with financial support from supporters of Comfort International, was able to bring aid quickly to those on their projects who had been evacuated. 

After the OK was given by the government for evacuees to return it became apparent that there was some further work to be done. 

Evacuees in Rutchuru and Kitchanga

Some evacuees had fled to Kitchanga and Rutshuru. These included some parents and students from the Comfort Congo schools in the Nyiragongo territory. Transportation back to Goma and emergency food and water were requested for these beneficiaries.

This was facilitated by Comfort Congo – over 900 people were helped.

Damage to Schools

As evacuees from all over Goma needed to find shelter, they sought out schools and church buildings. This affected two of the Comfort Congo schools, Kisima secondary and Kambize primary. Some of the wooden benches were used for firewood for cooking and some of the blackboards were also destroyed.

Comfort International sent funding to Comfort Congo to replace the blackboards at Kisima and Kambize Schools.

They responded: 

“We are very thankful towards the Comfort International for this gesture of the grant of these blackboards that replaces those destroyed by the survivors of the Nyiragongo volcano and let’s say thank you for this gesture of bravery may our God bless you.”

Damage to Homes

The homes of two of the teachers from Kisima Secondary School were destroyed by the lava so funding was sent for these to be rebuilt.

Pam Jackson House Perimeter Wall

The Pam Jackson house is the home of several of the female members of the Children of Liberty project. The wall collapsed during the earth tremor and a replacement was needed to keep the property secure.

50 sacks of cement and 2 lorries of sand were purchased to rebuild the perimeter wall.

Loss of Personal Property and Tools

During the evacuation some of the beneficiaries, including some of the Children of Liberty, the women and their children lost clothes. Some farming tools and other necessary items were also destroyed by the lava and needed to be replaced. There may be other requests as time goes on, for example one of the recently self-sufficient Children of Liberty had to leave his goats behind during the evacuation.

After visiting all the Children of Liberty and evaluating the situation Comfort Congo purchased clothes for three Children of Liberty boys. They sent their deep gratitude to all supporters of Comfort International for having thought of them.

Material for clothes was also distributed to women and children in need, who had returned from the evacuation with no change of clothes. The recipients were happily surprised and extremely grateful.

Thank you

A huge thank you to all who have supported this appeal with such generosity. The contributions of all have certainly saved lives!

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