Parcels from the UK arrive

by Halcyon Martin

The ex-street children in Rwanda receive gifts from the UK.

In November last year two large packages were assembled and sent to Rwanda containing 146 gifts and cards from the sponsors of many of our beneficiaries in Rwanda, Burundi, D.R.Congo and South Sudan. Eighty-two of these were for children in our four Rwandan Street Kids Rescue projects.

Gifts to Africa 1

The children love to hear news and encouragement from their sponsors and are really touched when they receive something tangible in this way, particularly when visits to Rwanda have been curtailed. It only took ten days for the parcels to arrive and the gifts were distributed during the Christmas gatherings.

IMG 2343gas

IMG 2364gas 


IMG 1669gat






Many of you will see your sponsored child here. There are also newsletters and reports going out to sponsors. Thank you so much for keeping connection with your child. 

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