How 12 women in Kigali came together to perfect their craft

Craft stalls

The group is made up of 12 Ladies. They are widows and orphans who lost their families during the Genocide in 1994.

During the Genocide, hundreds of thousands were murdered and their homes were robbed. Before the Genocide, these women were living with their families in different parts of Rwanda.

After the Genocide, they were widowed and orphaned. They came to Kigali as they had nowhere to live since their houses were destroyed.

In 1995, two women met and shared the stories and thought of an idea to make some money. They decided to make and sell their handcraft. They started with their initially limited skills to make a small profit. They gradually met other people with same life stories and trained them in what they were doing.

They started selling their products locally in Rwanda. They met Callum Henderson and others who became close to them. Praying for them, listening to their stories and giving them a word of comfort have helped them so much in the healing process. Comfort Rwanda groups keep visiting the group every year and buy their products to support them.

Sharing their stories together has helped them emotionally heal. They have improved their skills greatly by learning from others and perfecting their craft.

Normally, they meet twice a week to make their products.

Their lives have totally changed. Some can now buy homes and pay for their children to go to school.

They are now one of the most successful projects of widows and orphans in Kigali.

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