Become a representative of our work to your family and friends

Comfort Champions

Our Comfort Champions represent and promote the work of Comfort International and by doing so champion the cause of those we are called to support.

Every Comfort Champion is different, having their own skills, talents and interests and we encourage our Champions to do what they are good at and enjoy as well as being stretched into new areas if they want.

We expect our Comfort Champions to behave with complete integrity at all times, ensuring that neither God’s glory nor the good name of the charity is compromised.

What can a Comfort Champion do?

There is a range of roles our Comfort Champions may fulfil:

  • Distribute newsletters and appeals to family and friends. You can also encourage your contacts to subscribe to our newsletter or follow us on social media
  • Give presentations to schools, workplaces or churches. We can supply presentations or some short videos
  • Create a display at your church, school or workplace notice board and keep it up to date with info, newsletters and pictures
  • Encourage fundraising through organising craft fairs, quiz nights, treasure hunts and auctions. We encourage initiative and will aim to give support where possible and advertise your endeavour on our Facebook page
  • Promote the charity in conversation by being passionate about a particular project or region
  • Volunteering by administering our sponsorship schemes, helping crafts sales or helping in the office
    Pray for the work of Comfort International with friends or church members

If you would like to become a Comfort Champion or even just help out a bit to start with please contact:

Christine Falconer: [email protected]

Callum Henderson: [email protected].