Ways you can volunteer with Comfort International


At Comfort International we believe in the value of volunteering. It means more of the donations can go to the people who need them. We have lots of roles needing volunteers.

We need:

  • Help applying for trust funds
  • A creative motivator to promote our ‘Foundation Makers’ programme or fundraising events
  • Someone to sell charity shop items through Ebay
  • A number of people to arrange fundraising events
  • Supporters to promote Comfort Gifts
  • Several individuals or a team of people to host a stall with Rwandan crafts at events and fairs
  • Someone to approach retail outlets to sell our Rwandan crafts and/or promote our upcoming crafts website shop
  • Administration support for sponsorship projects such as School Leavers development
  • Development Programme, Heshima (rape survivors), South Sudan Child support
  • People who love project management & development and monitoring and evaluation
  • More teachers for our CIMS (Comfort International Ministry School)
  • Organisers of finance, flights, and/or general preparation of group trips
  • Someone to oversee health and safety such as risk assessments and fire safety are getting done properly in the shop and office
  • Lots of help with data input and handling as we develop new systems for building the capacity of the charity to increase funding of projects

If you would like to volunteer for any of the above or find more information, contact:

Landline: 01236 598274
Mobile: 07542 731983
Email: [email protected]