"When you came to help us it gave us hope and we decided we could also help ourselves."

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Genocide and conflict survivors

In 1994, Rwanda experienced a genocide against the Tutsi people with over 1 million men, women and children brutally killed in approximately 100 days.

Comfort International continues to support these communities by providing funding for projects such as housing, agriculture, livestock and income generation activities. We work with conflict-affected communities in DRC in similar ways.

Many of the post-genocide generation still feel the consequences of 1994. Their parents may have psychological damage and racial tensions still exist within the communities. We work with our partners through youth camps to train and encourage the next generation to live in unity and peace.

Over the years we have seen these groups become healed, motivated, increasingly self-sustaining and willing to forgive.

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Solace SOS sponsorship

SOS is short for Sponsor an Orphan or Survivor. This was the first sponsorship project set up by Comfort Rwanda (as it was called then) in partnership with Solace Ministries (established in 1996 by Jean Gakwandi and his team in Kigali to minister to survivors of the 1994 genocide)

Philomena Kantengwa was one of the first survivors to be sponsored, from January 2010 until March 2024. Play the video clip to see how the sponsorship scheme has transformed her life.


Philomena’s story

Philomena lost both her parents and two of her siblings in the 1994 genocide.

In 2004, Comfort gave her with a shelter and a home. She was provided with an education and now has a bachelor’s degree.