"Being on the project has changed my life positively and the bad dreams have disappeared."

Children of Liberty

Ex-child soldiers

Life in D.R. Congo can be very dangerous for children. Rebel groups may loot and destroy villages – killing the inhabitants and using the children as soldiers or sex slaves. Those who escape find their homes and families are destroyed.

Our partners, Comfort Congo, have established the Children of Liberty sponsorship project which helps these young people by providing physical, emotional and spiritual care.

The young people are cared for and given hope and help to rebuild their lives in an encouraging community environment.

Many go on to finish their schooling, attend college or university, get a job, start a business and become contributors to society.

Congo highlighted on a map

Patrick’s story

Patrick was a child soldier. He now lives in Hope Village with the other children of liberty.

John’s story

John, an ex-child soldier, has become head nurse at Central Hospital Rusaya.


Sponsor £30 a month to provide

  • Help to remove a child from a dangerous environment
  • Rehabilitation and accommodation
  • Education and employment support
  • Food and clothing support
Children of liberty singing a song in class