We work with local partners to help improve the quality of life of the most vulnerable.

What we do

A child going for a high five smiling

Giving street kids a hope and a future.

Supporting vulnerable mums and their babies.

Welcoming ex-child soldiers to rebuild their lives.

Upgrading schools and equipping teachers to provide accessible education.

Training and equipping local church leaders.

Providing lifesaving healthcare for the most vulnerable.

Providing support to heal individuals and restore communities.

Vocational training and business support towards self-sufficiency.

Support towards recovery and self-sufficiency for vicitims of sexual violence.

Fighting child hunger in the world’s poorest countries.


A little can change a life. Donate today to help rebuild lives devastated by poverty, genocide and conflict in the nations of the world.


For £30 a month, you can become a sponsor; transforming someone’s life, giving them hope for the future.