Blessings in the Village of Hope for Mums at Comfort Babies Congo

Goma, in North Kivu, D.R.Congo, is a notoriously dangerous and difficult place to live, and even more so for women. The Comfort Babies Congo Project, run by our partners at Comfort Congo, is shining a beacon of light in the darkness, providing a harbour of safety in the storm and offering stability in the chaos. Mothers and their babies are supported financially, emotionally and spiritually, and they are sharing stories of how their lives have progressed, despite the very real challenges they still face.  

Through tragic life circumstances, Charlotte* became pregnant at 14 years old. Her life and plans for her future have changed dramatically since coming onto the project. When asked how her life has progressed over the last few months, she said,

“Our life has progressed well because of the help we receive from Comfort International. It has helped us to survive in this difficult period for our country and the sponsorship helps us to have food to eat and take care of ourselves […] My hope and expectation for my child in the next few months is to see him become a good young boy and be in good health and grow up in good physical condition. My future plan is to go back at school and have a diploma in nutrition to be a nutritionist.” 

Diane* writes to her sponsor, “Today I am joyful because my daughter can hope for a better future and better life in spite of the difficulties that we have lived with her in our previous life. The financial help that we receive from you/Comfort International and the love and the spiritual teachings that we receive in Comfort Congo have permitted us to build ourselves up psychologically and morally and today we can finally have no shame to be among normal people in our society.”

Valentina* fell pregnant at 16 years old and was subsequently abandoned by the father and her parents. In desperation she turned to prostitution, and was only rescued when she came on to the Comfort Babies Congo project. She now writes, 

“My life has progressed well over the last few months and has been filled with happiness and gratitude towards our God all powerful for his love towards me […] He was the answer that I was waiting for in my life. In September 2022, I got engaged with an evangelist who loves God, which was impossible to believe because I had a child outside of marriage.  Thank you to our mentor, Bedadi, thank you to Comfort Congo and Comfort International who helped me to believe in me and gave me some advice, without forgetting our beloved sponsor for her love and help in our life. In spite of the problems of the insecurities and the permanent war in DRC here, God continues to give us his protection and we have the hope of a better future.”

a little can change a life

*names changed to protect identity