Continuing violence and instability in North Kivu, DRC

The area of North Kivu in the Democratic Republic of Congo continues to face an increased wave of daily turbulence, violence, fear and instability as rebel militia clash with government forces in the area. The situation is very fluid and constantly changing and evolving. Information has been sparse due to the vast numbers of people fleeing the violence, as well as poor internet connection and infrastructure in the area. As we try to keep our supporters informed of major events in the midst of the instability, it is a sad fact that this is a long-term part of day-to-day life for our partners, and for those on the projects and in the communities of this area. Violence, rape, pillaging and war are commonplace, and there is a constant danger of being overrun by the violence. There is therefore, a constant and continual need for intercession, prayer and financial support for the many affected, for our partners and particularly for the hospital in Rusayu. 

The violence is running very close to the hospital but thanks be to God, it has not, currently, been overtaken or captured. We remain in enormous admiration for the hospital staff who, despite the ongoing danger and violence, are continuing their vital work, and are dealing with a vast increase in number of cases in relation to the conflict, including around 40 rape survivors. There is a great need for increased beds, mattresses, medicine and resources to cope with the increased caseload. 

One ray of hope in the middle of the turmoil was the birth of a rare set of triplets at the hospital. The mother is a woman displaced by the violence and if not for the provision of the CHR, the outcome could have been very different. This serves to illustrate the danger to everyday life of normal people in DRC, the increased pressure on the hospital, and the importance of the work they are doing. Please continue to pray for provision and protection of the staff at the hospital. 

Around 50km away in the town of Rubaya, Comfort International is building a school which is to be a beacon of hope; a route out of mining life for the next generation in Rubaya. We sadly heard news that the area of Rubaya had been captured by the M23 army, and many have fled their homes. The building of the first classroom of the school which was well underway has had to be halted. It was later publicised that the Congolese army had taken back control of the area but the turmoil and danger is undoubtedly ongoing. With you, we remain in nervous prayer and waiting for news of the community and people there, and we also hope that the building of the school will be protected from loot and destruction. We are confident in faith that the school will be completed in good time. 

The mining town of Rubaya was recently captured by M23 forces

We cannot over-state the fear, chaos and danger that the people of DRC face on a daily basis. By the same token, we believe in a God who loves each and every person affected by this conflict. We also know him to be a powerful God who answers prayer. There is no solution other than the peace that only He can bring, and complete restoration to the nation. Please pray for this, and also for our incredible partners, who are caught up in this brutal struggle. Thank you for your compassion, prayers and support. 

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