Gratitude for Comfort Babies

At the Comfort Babies Project in Rwanda some of the mums and babies are now able to graduate from the project with a strong hope for the future – they have become self-sufficient and confident in who they are. Below is a wonderful account by Josiane as she and her daughter express their gratitude to their sponsors and for the project.

“I am so very happy to write this letter of gratitude – I have so many things to say about my transformation journey at the Comfort Babies project.  

“The Comfort Babies project has been more than just a project but family, it has been a home where I have found all I needed as child at home. I remember when I joined the project and I was sharing information  for the profile, one of my requests was for help with food and medical support to keep us healthy. I am delighted that our lives have changed and that we are both now doing great.

“I was never sure about what I wanted in life until I joined the project and started learning about what I could do for my future. My time at Comfort Babies helped me to understand the world and the outcome of working hard for good. I was afraid of life and hopeless when I found I was pregnant, my mother was jobless (my mother now helps on the project). By being part of the project I have learned to live in society and how to focus on a bright future. I have acquired different skills including in business which is sustaining my living now.

“Being able to access the support of Comfort Babies has been so amazing and to be told that I needed to continue working hard towards independent living worried me a bit because the project was providing more than enough. But I kept speaking to different people for advice and meeting beneficiaries who had graduated from Comfort Rwanda and how their lives had been transformed and that helped me understand about independent living.

“I pray and read the bible which is full of comforting and encourging words! My life now is about trusting the Lord and working hard to earn a living.

“I have now started a clothes business where I sell: jeans, sweaters, t-shirts, shorts, jackets, polo t-shirts and leather jackets. I hope to add more styles as the market demands. I run my business in the one of busiest place in Kigali, near main Kigali bus station. It is a lovely place with all kinds of people and businesses. It connects most parts of Rwanda and buses from here also cross country boarders. I have moved from the Comfort Babies house and I now live close to my business with my daughter and my mother, even though she is frequently away helping the project.

“My daughter attends the nearest school and I am able cover her school payments including paying a person who takes her to school and brings her home. When I am busy I can buy food from the nearest restaurant.

“Sometimes my mother spends 5 days at Comfort Babies house and comes back at the weekend. I thought I could not manage life without my mum close, but now I think I’d be okay staying for even a month without her at home.

“Generally my life is good and I’m praying for my business to grow. I miss the Comfort Babies gatherings and the teams from abroad! But the project team keeps in touch and involved in the work I do, and sometimes they visit to see how I am getting on.

“I am so thankful for everyone’s efforts to help me live a dignified life after I was found hopeless before joining the project. I keep working hard even though Covid-19 has effected everything here. I hope God will help us through.

“Many thanks, I will never forget your regular support when I was in Comfort babies. 

Bless you, Josiane.”