Rukumberi Pensioners give testimony to God’s goodness through support and sponsorship

Jean Gakwandi of Solace Ministries in Rwanda recently sent us an update of some of the work of Solace which is being supported by Comfort International. 44 elderly people from Rukumberi Community, in South-Eastern Rwanda, are under a sponsorship scheme supported by Ebenezer Church in Scotland. Each person receives a certain amount of money which helps in different areas of daily upkeep. These elderly women and men feel blessed and know that God cares for them, and are thankful to everyone who supports them.  Here are some of their testimonies. 

Nziraguseswa François

“My name is Nziraguseswa François, I am 74 years old. I live with my wife who is always sick. She is very weak and cannot work.  I have to help  her in everything.  The support I receive helps me a lot to hire people who can help me in cultivating for our food security. The support I receive also helps us mainly for treatment of my wife and the diet she needs.”

Mukajojo Charlotte

“I am 77 years old, I moved to stay with my daughter and her children. We cultivate for our living. I am disabled. I am so grateful for the support I receive. With the donation, I have been able to buy a pig which gave 8 piglets. I plan to buy goats with the next donation. This has given a feeling of dignity as even if we live together with my daughter, I also can help this way.”

Mukangonga Faina

“My name is Faina, I am 81 years old. I have lost a lot of people in the Genocide, including my children and husband. We cultivate for our living. With the money we received the last time, I bought seed and hired people to cultivate my fields. Now I am going to use the new donation mainly for the eye treatment. I was wondering what I should do to get this treatment and the Lord has provided through the sponsor. I am so happy and may God bless you!”