Donate to Comfort International

Benefits of donation

Donations make up 95% amount of our annual revenue. Without them, we would not be able to support our partners to run our projects. If you are unsure how to give, it is best to give a untargeted donation so we can choose which project is currently in most need of support.

You can give a one-off donation or choose to set up a direct debit to give more frequently

General donation

At least 90% of your general donation goes to our work in Central Africa
Up to 10% supports UK admin costs


Project donation

100% of your project donation goes to your specified project

“I love you and I am thankful for what you have done to support me, is crucial. My heart was completely broken but because of your support, I am beginning to find peace.”

Clemetine Neema, freed from milita
Children of Liberty project

Regular giving

Your can give a regular donation via a direct debit

  • This could be weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly
  • Recurring donations receive a welcome pack and regular updates from Comfort

Comfort gifts

Buy a seasonal greetings card with a donation to a Comfort project inside as a gift to a friend or family member.

For example, you could buy a Christmas or Birthday card with a:

  • Teacher salary for a week (£15)
  • Baby supplies (£10)
  • Child immunisation (£6)
  • Midwife salary (£30)

See our Donation FAQ’s if you want to find out more information.