Good News International Gathering May 2022

We were delighted to receive photos of the most recent community gathering from our partners at Good News International (GNI). Many of you who have visited Rwanda will be familiar with the work and indeed the hospitality of GNI as they often provide the accommodation for our outreach trips in Rwanda. Good News International are very valued partners, working particularly among communities in Rwanda who suffered in the genocide, working against the effects of poverty and trauma, and towards healing, reconciliation, and a hope and a purpose for project members. We are incredibly grateful for our partners at GNI. 

COVID-19 has had a big effect on the ability of our partners to meet and this is the first gathering since the pandemic and lockdown. Meeting as a community is so important and therefore this is a great cause for celebration. Our partners write: 

“Dear Friends of Good News;

We are delighted to let you know that today we had again our  gathering  with our beneficiaries from different communities. It is the first one since Covid-19 started. What impressed us the most is how people have testimonies of what God has done for them even during the difficult time. God has been so good for our people and it is so remarkable. They express their thanks towards you for staying together with Good News during the time of Covid-19. All the support you have sent to Good News for buying food for hungry families during Covid-19, have been so important for people and they praise God because of you. Not only food but also other support and prayers.
We are happy to send greetings from your friends in Rwanda. 


We thank our friends at GNI for this fantastic update and for their continued partnership. We thank you for standing with us in your continued financial and prayerful support. And we praise God for all he is doing through the work of GNI and Comfort International to restore hope, joy and peace among his beloved. Please continue to pray for this wonderful work.