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22 Years of Comfort International

by Allen Woodward

Partnerships to transform lives by sharing hope, joy and peace

22 years ago today was Director Callum Henderson’s first day in Rwanda, the first of many following the establishment of Comfort Rwanda. Today we are known as Comfort International in response to extending much needed help and support to some of the most vulnerable people groups in Central Africa.

Callum’s heart and vision to see lives restored following the 1994 Rwandan Genocide has continued to this day as seen through the healing works of Comfort International. The charity touches and transforms the lives of many vulnerable communities in the countries of Rwanda, Burundi, D.R. Congo, South Sudan and Uganda. Here, we have seen the hand of Jesus at work through Street Kids Rescue, Ex-child Soldier, and Genocide, Rape and Conflict Survivors’ projects and many more.

Here are some words from Callum’s first day in Rwanda:

“This has been such an amazing day – we have both been overwhelmed by the people, the hospitality. They are such a humble beautiful people”.

22 years following Callum’s first visit and his words still echo the heart of the people we minister to today.

Watch the video below.